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How to Connect


Select a pricing package

Choose which package to connect to the PCIX with: purple, white or red.


Choose a Peering Partner or a POP

Select a peering partner or POP, only if you don't choose the purple package.


Download the connection form

If you want to connect through peering partners download the relevant form.


Fill out the form and send it to us!

Once you have completed the form send it by e-mail to

Connection Procedure

To connect to PCIX you need to be within the Naquadria Data Center in Piacenza or you need to reach one of the remote POPs or you can reach PCIX through one of our Peering Partners, which offer various types of connections (remote peering transport) to PCIX. PCIX can also be reached via the VSIX LAN.

On the page Packages three different free packages are declined for how to connect.

In case you need to reach the Naquadria Data Center as a transport to then place equipment in PCIX, with the red package, you can use the Naquadria network or use one of the carriers within the data center or one of the peering partner.

Connection to PCIX

Download the membership form

Connection via Peering Partner

To connect through a Peering Partner download the relevant form, fill it out and send it to us