Piazza Cavalli Piacenza - PCIX
Internet Exchange Point

PCIX: Piacenza
Internet Exchange

PCIX is the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Piacenza.
The traffic exchange point between local operators and beyond.

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Data Center TIER 3 Naquadria - Piacenza
Pcix: IX di Piacenza - Emilia Romagna
Logo Naquadria: sponsor di PCIX

PCIX: a project realized by Naquadria in 2015

PCIX is located within Naquadria's TIER III data center facility. The project funded by the Piacenza-based company and implemented in 2015 encourages interchange with local operators.

  • PCIX was created to enable the exchange of traffic between local operators
  • New POPs
  • PCIX network evolves through Peering Partners
  • New Services
  • New PCIXers are joinning our network

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Connect to the network
of PCIXer

Connect to the Piacenza Internet Exchange to get all the benefits from PCIX's network.

  • Improved performance
  • Interchange with local operators
  • Naquadria Data Center access
  • Free of fee
  • Minimized latency times
  • Remote Peering possibility