Peering Policies

Below are listed the Peering Policies to follow to connect to PCIX:

  • The PCIX peering lan may not be used in a manner that would disrupt anyone's business or infrastructure.
  • PCIX only accepts peering traffic from its members. Members may not transit charged peering traffic or use next-hop rewrites, default routes or static routes.
  • PCIX is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of disruption in the continuity of the peering lan. The service is provided as is, without any warranties expressed or implied including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Members must have an Autonomous System number registered with RIPE or other appropriate authority.
  • All networks announced at PCIX must be registered with RIPE or other appropriate authority.
  • The minimum prefix announced should be /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6.
  • Members must not announce exchange subnets via BGP
  • Members must not proxy-arp on any peering VLANs.
  • Members must only present one source mac-address on any one physical port they are connected to PCIX via. Shared cables are not permitted.
  • All frames forwarded to a particular PCIX port from a member must have the same source mac-address. On no account should BPDUs be forwarded to a PCIX port.
  • Members must ensure their equipment is configured in such a way that a frame received from a PCIX port is never forwarded back to PCIX.
  • Ethertype allowed:
    • 0x0800 (IPv4) - must have a unicast destination mac
    • 0x0806 (ARP) - must only reply to ARP requests for their assigned IPs on the peering lan
    • 0x86dd (IPv6)
  • Frames shall not be addressed to a multicast or broadcast MAC destination address except when needed by the ARP and ICMPv6-ND protocols.

The PCIX staff reserves the right to disable ports that violate any of the rules above or is causing technical problems to the PCIX infrastructure or to other members.

Press Release Policy

If your organization plans to release press releases specifically mentioning the PCIX, please coordinate with the PCIX administrators as a courtesy prior to doing so.