Peering Partner

VSIX: Peering Partner di PCIX

VSIX and PCIX have signed up to a trial to foster and support the digital transition of each other's areas of interest. To this end, strategic interconnections and evolved network services have been studied and developed, and a Layer 2 interconnection between the two sites has been established to facilitate traffic interchange through two-way remote peering solutions.
To connect to VSIX via PCIX Peering LAN download the following form: form VSIX - PCIX

Lepida: Peering Partner di PCIX

Lepida has implemented several policies and implemented appropriate measures toward Internet Exchanges in recent months with the aim of coping with the ever-changing global telecommunications scenario. PCIX is one of the possible interchanges in the Lepida network, improving some technical characteristics of the links. This has made it possible to reduce latency values and increase the reliability and capacity of the optical circuits.

Fiber Telecom: Peering Partner di PCIX

Remote peering service allows you to use Fiber Telecom's infrastructure to access peering points and Internet eXchanges including PCIX. With Fiber Telecom's remote peering services, your network can exchange traffic with geographically distant operators by connecting to remote peering platforms from Fiber Telecom's PoPs Fiber Telecom gives you easy access to Italy's largest Internet eXchanges with 1 GbE and 10 GbE interfaces.

Airbeam: Peering Partner di PCIX

With the Airbeam transit service, direct PCIX membership is always included: an Internet Exchange on the outskirts of Milan (Piacenza) that provides customers with additional resilience and the freedom to be more autonomous in BGP management.
The service is available at all Airbeam pops (see more on PeeringDB) and can also be provided independently.